OFNA Picco .28 8 port ABC Pull Start Monster Truck Engine OFN51232


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This is the new OFNA Picco .28 Pull Start 8-port off-road monster truck engine. This is one of the next generation of power house engines for monster truck racing where there are no rules! These engines have insane bottom end power and will easily light up all four wheels on big monster trucks like the Hot Bodies Lightning Stadium.
This is a pull start engine but can be fitted with a roto start assembly using the OFNA rotostart back plate for .26 and .27 engines
This engine will work awesome with any recent monster truck such as the Team Associated Monster GT, Team Losi LST, GS Storm SUT or the Hot Bodies Lightning Stadium Pro. You can even get conversion kits to put this insane power plant into the Traxxas Revo! Or you can use it for a 1/8th scale Truggy Monster Truck conversion.

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