OFNA Picco JL .28 Team Turbo Race Engine


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This is the OFNA Picco JL .28 Team Turbo Race Engine. This engine has been built with a new crankshaft and sleeve designed to broaden the power band. Modifications to port size, design, and crank timing allow for higher RPM's and increase in TORQUE. These modifications have given the engine more corner exit power and seemingly endless top speed on long straights. Designed for Truggy and GT applications, this engine gives the racer the performance to take his skills to the next level.
Key Features:
New 8mm Composite Carburetor
Modified Crankshaft
New CNC Cooling Head Design
Larger Intake Port (More Torque)
Modified Exhaust Port (More RPM)
7 Ports
RPM: 37,000
Carb Type: SLIDE
Crankshaft: SG
Construction: ABC
Claimed HP: 3.4
Type: Rear Exhaust
Ports: 7 ports
Stroke: 17.6
Bore: 18.35

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