Walkera V18G01 6 Channel Ready To Fly (RTF) DEVO 10


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1). CCPM mixing control system and collective pitch structure make perfect 3D aerobatics like roll, swoop and inverted flight. 
2). Aluminum rotor head and swashplate plus fiber main frame are built with legerity and novelty. 
3). The autorotation landing system, made of high quality one-way bearing, minimizes damage to your helicopter during unplanned landing. 
4). 18A class fuel engine is highly accurate and powerful. 
Main Rotor Diameter : 900 millimetres
Tail Rotor Diameter: 175 millimetres
Overall Length: 820 millimetres
Rudder Servo: WK-4004
Gyro: 3 AXIS
Engine: WK-18A
Receiver: RX-2702V/D
Throttle Servo: WK-2001
Transmitter: Selectable

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