Walkera V450D03 6 Channel Electric Helicopter Ready to Fly (RTF) DEVO 7


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 A 450 size RC Helicopter for new Pilots, believe it or not, it's here
With 6 Axis Gyro, this heli will automatically correct flight altitude and facilitate control stability
The V450D03 was mainly designed for new pilots who are looking to try a 450 size helicopter, as opposed to other 450 helicopters that are meant for advanced pilots
Other than the luxurious carbon or metal parts, the V450D03 heli is primarily made of plastic. However, it is not the usual cheap and low quality plastic material. The engineers at Walkera designed a new plastic compound which is light and yet strong and durable. It is not something you see in other 450 helicopters.
Another impressive touch was the fact that the V450D03 heli main frame is actually a one piece frame design. This allows pilots to replace them easily.
Fun Flying with Walkera V450D03 RC Helicopter
Walkera's new 6 Axis flybarless gyro is impressive. The flight experience is smooth with almost zero bad tendencies.
The brushless motor did a good job throughout the flight, generating good power output and was relatively efficient.
Unlike the expensive high end setups, the V450D03 helicopter is able to perform any move you execute without hogging power from the battery.
Match it with Wk-09-9 Servos and it will do whatever you want as fast as you can react to it.
The Walkera V450D03 RC Helicopter Features
The plastic main frame and skid landing are separated, making it easily disassembled and replaced.
The flybarless structure adopted uses the new flybarless system which features faster response and greatly improves efficiency.
With the high-performance brushless motor, the V450D03 3D heli is powerful enough to perform all kinds of moves while maintaining steady flight with the new light and durable plastic compound.
In the V450D03, a new Generation II 6 Axis control system was adopted. It communicates with the receiver efficiently, enabling real-time and automatic flight altitude correction.
Coupling with high speed 26G digital servos, the V450D03 helicopter features high torque and fast response, producing high speed flight experience and precise tail lock function.
In addition, the belt driven system stimulates detailed adjustments which promote stable flight and low noise for a smooth flight.
With the Carbon Fiber Main Blade, the V450D003 helicopter is relatively tough and has relatively high wind resistance to allow outdoor flights and 3D maneuvers.
On a 11.1V Lipo battery with 2600mAh, the flight can last up to 8 minutes if the battery is fully charged.
With the 40A ESC (WK-WST-40A-2), the heat radiation and motor's speed are both well controlled.
The Walkera V450D03 3D Electric RC Helicopter Specifications
Main Rotor Diameter: 712 millimeters
Tail Rotor Diameter: 150 millimeters
Overall Length: 676 millimeters
Weight: 816 grams (Battery included)
Receiver: RX-2703H-D
Battery: 111.1V 2600mAh Li-Po battery
ESC: 40A ESC (WK-WST-40A-2)

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